So one hobby of mine is collecting really old books. And once in a while I find one that’s really special. This was one of those books.

I found it in an old thrift store (as I find nearly all old books) and noticed it was a student’s english book. What stood out to me first was the hand-stitched cover, barely holding on by a few loose threads. Stuffed inside the cloth binding were notes this student had taken. The script was beautiful and none of it made much sense but I was absorbed by the little snapshot I had into this person’s life. 

The initials EP were painted on the inner cover and I wondered for a moment what their name could have been. After flipping through a few pages, I saw a folded note in the middle of the book. On this thin and aged parchment was only the name “Edward Petty.” At first I thought this was some love interest the previous owner had but it clicked then that it matched the initials. Dorky as it may be, for a moment I felt like a detective, unraveling the mystery of this student from long ago. I looked at this painted name, with the 3D design and laughed a little, reflecting on the many countless times I sat in class and scribbled down my name. 

And so to Mr. Edward Petty, I say thank you for one of the coolest little books I’ve discovered. Thanks for letting me have a glimpse, however small, into your life. 

To everyone else, next time you’re in a thrift shop or antique store, take a glance at those dusty forgotten books. You’ll find something beautiful and may even get a really unique look into the past.

Not my usual type calligraphy post but a story I think you all would appreciate.